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Amethyst wand - Stone of Universal Consciousness

Amethyst wand - Stone of Universal Consciousness

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Amethyst wand (length 14cm, 370g)

Amethyst is a mineral formed from quartz crystals with a very beautiful and deep purplish purple color. It is one of the most famous and valued stones of the quartz group. Due to its enchanting color and hardness, amethyst has been used for thousands of years in jewelry, decorations and spiritual purposes.

Symbol meaning

Amethyst is considered an extremely powerful and protective stone and is thought to have a high spiritual vibrational frequency. It is said to transform negative energies into love. Amethyst's calm and peaceful nature helps to reach higher levels of consciousness. When meditating, it takes thoughts from everyday things to peace, harmony and deeper understanding, opening the way to other dimensions. Cloudy quartz crystals that brighten towards the tip symbolize spiritual/spiritual growth.

The amethyst crystal is naturally hexagonal and that is why its tip has six tapering facets that come together in a sharp tip. These six facets are thought to correspond to the six chakras, from the root chakra to the third eye. The tip of the crystal represents the seventh or crown chakra and its connection to infinity. Amethyst is the crown chakra stone.

The wand as a form represents the element of fire. Wands have a long prehistoric symbolic background. Wands are mentioned in the Bible as well as in Greek mythologies or traditions related to witchcraft. The rods are thought to concentrate energy strongly and a single tip concentrates the energy into a beam.

Ritual use

Wands are traditional tools used by shamans and healers. The healing ability of the wands is said to be significantly enhanced when charged with a strong state of will or aspiration. When using the wand, it is important to consciously allow the universal energy to flow through the crown chakra to the arm, from there to the hand holding the wand, and further to the wand, where the energy is strengthened and transmitted to the target.

In altar use, the amethyst wand is placed on the altar and is used to express and confirm intention. It can also be used to enhance the significance of other objects and to create a sacred space.

Note! Crystals and minerals are natural products, j so each of them is its own unique individual. Because of this, colors, shapes and brightness may vary. Light brings out their natural beauty best. Trust that the stones selected by intuition for you resonate best with your personal purpose.

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