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Amethyst - raw crystal

Amethyst - raw crystal

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Amethyst - raw crystal

Size: 30-60 mm

Amethyst is one of the most prized crystals in the quartz family. Its beautiful purple color has made it a popular material for jewelry, ornaments, and spiritual objects for millennia. The raw crystal emphasizes the original natural beauty of the amethyst.


Symbol meaning

Raw crystals are uncut and are therefore thought to retain the original energy of the crystal. They are suitable for those who appreciate the natural beauty of crystals and wish to maintain a connection with the original power of the stone. Unlike tumbled stones, raw crystals can provide a stronger and more primal sense of energy, making them ideal for meditation and spiritual growth. Raw amethyst crystals reflect the natural power and beauty of amethyst, retaining its original properties.

Amethyst is known as an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibrational frequency. It is believed to transform negative energies into love and help to reach higher levels of consciousness. Amethyst opens the way to deeper understanding and meditative peace, and is especially prized as a crown chakra stone.

Amethyst is considered the stone of Pisces.

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