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Yellow agate - A stone of joy and warmth

Yellow agate - A stone of joy and warmth

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Yellow agate - A stone of joy and warmth

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Sold individually. The agate geodes in the picture are example pieces.

Size between about 45mm and 30mm.

A small-sized agate geode that bends to soft yellowish and pink. Agate is a small crystal form of quartz, often found in the form of geodes, translucent striped chalcedony. Its color is milky white, but sometimes also bluish, reddish, green and brown. Agate is an igneous rock whose stripes are created when the parent rock crystallizes simultaneously with the gas bubbles in the cavity. Agate is not always completely filled with molten mass and in this case rock crystal crystals, amethyst, smoky quartz or calcite can form in the cavity. In this case, an unevenly round stone is called a geode. Agate gets its name from the Sicilian river Achates, which was the place where agate was found in antiquity.

Symbol meaning

Agate as a mineral generally symbolizes protection, balance, strength and courage. It is associated with emotional stability, inner peace, security and self-confidence. Different colors of agates have their own meanings. Yellow agate is considered to symbolize joy, inner warmth, maturity, happiness and optimism. It brings courage and sunshine into the middle of everyday life.

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