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Singing bowl Thadobati, antique, M size

Singing bowl Thadobati, antique, M size

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Singing bowl Thadobati, antique, M size, single piece

Bell bronze, Tibet, early 20th century.

Semiphoras' hand-forged, antique Thadobati sound bowls ring low and vibrate strongly. Thanks to the heavy structure, the chord is clean, well-balanced and very pleasant. The controlled sound plays for a long time and fades smoothly. Size about 135mm x 135mm x 45mm. Weight approx. 352g.

The ringing bowl or sounding bowl is a Tibetan instrument that belongs to the class of idiophones. In Nepal and Tibet, bronze bowls have been known since ancient times. Among Buddhist monks, lamas and nuns, playing bowls have been used as musical instruments both during meditation and various ceremonies. However, the original, more precise purpose of the beautifully sounding sound bowls is still shrouded in obscurity. The bowls are made from a bronze alloy that contains at least copper and tin. Other metals such as iron, silver, zinc or nickel (sometimes even gold) are found in small amounts in the mixture. Genuine, antique sound bowls are always forged by hand and the slow manufacturing process requires special skill and care. A sound bowl is created from a flat, round metal plate, which in the hands of a skilled blacksmith is gradually shaped into a finished bowl. The quality standards of the past required a uniformly beautiful surface, which required several controlled hammer blows for the bowl smith.

Several different models of sound bowls are known. Thadobati bowls are among the oldest models and these simply beautiful bowls have been known since the 15th century. The Thadobati bowl can be recognized by its almost straight sides and flat bottom. The bowl is played by lightly tapping the outer side with a wooden club. Alternatively, the bowl can be played by rotating the club around the inner or outer edge of the bowl. Bell caps are also available padded in different ways. In this case, the sound coming from the bowl is also different. A pad made of felt or a small padded pillow is often kept under the bowl. Thadobati bowls are usually played by holding it in the hand. Semiphoras softly vibrate Thadobati sound bowls are suitable also excellent for playing in sound therapy over the chakras.

The antique thadobati sound bowl comes with a new wooden, leather-padded drumstick and a red felt-lined base.

Note! Semiphoras' antique sounding bowls are handmade, and differ from others not only in their appearance, but also in their unique sound vibration. In addition to this, the color tones, shapes and patina may also vary slightly. The bowls have been used diligently and have been very well taken care of. Nevertheless, they may have small surface defects, oxidation and dust.

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