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Integrated Self: A Path of Spiritual Growth Through Self-Awareness

Integrated Self: A Path of Spiritual Growth Through Self-Awareness

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Integrated Self: A Path to Spiritual Growth Through Psychology

- Face-to-face or remote session with a psychoanalytic psychotherapist.
- Duration: 45 minutes

This service combines years of professional expertise in psychoanalytic psychotherapy with a profound experience of the spiritual aspect. Discovering the true Self requires deep inner work and the integration of various facets of oneself.

After years of working in psychotherapy, I have come to understand that the spiritual and soulful dimensions are essential components of holistic human well-being. For individuals seeking growth on a spiritual level, it is crucial to find a connection between their temporal and timeless selves. What we aim to achieve with our timeless self manifests in the temporal realm. This connection is key to discovering the Self and achieving profound spiritual growth.

The service draws upon psychoanalytic techniques, Jungian psychology, and depth psychology, providing an opportunity to explore one's inner self and find meaning in life. We are here to support you on your journey towards holistic development and self-discovery.

In our discussions, we will reflect on your situation together and explore what you consider particularly important or challenging in your personal growth journey.

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