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Incense holder made of raw crystals

Incense holder made of raw crystals

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Incense holder made of raw crystals

These unique incense holders combine the meaning of incense with the rich symbolism of crystals. Raw crystals are a sturdy, durable and easy-to-use holder for all kinds of incense sticks.

The following raw crystal holders are available:

  • Tiger's eye - strength, protection, a healthy sense of self-worth
  • Jasper - nurturing, grounding, support in stressful times
  • Amazonite - balance, courage, inner strength, universal love
  • Black tourmaline - protection, positivity, practical creativity, spiritual clarity
  • Carnelian - passion, vitality, success, creativity, removes fear of death
  • Lapis lazuli - wisdom, truth, spiritual power, connection with spirit guides

The sizes and shapes of the stones vary from individually.

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