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A single piece. About 60mm x 50mm x 25mm in size. Weight 77g.

Onyx is a mineral that is a striped form of chalcedony, i.e. hidden crystal quartz. It is a deep black chalcedony with occasional white streaks. The stripes of onyx are straight, parallel and of the same size. Onyx has been used as a jewelry stone since ancient times. Onyx is also mentioned in the Bible, in Genesis 2, verse 12. In the Middle Ages, onyx was considered a lucky stone and was often embedded in amulets and other jewelry because it was believed to have magical powers.

Symbol meaning

Onyx is said to be a stone of strength, offering support in difficult situations and times of mental or physical stress. Onyx helps focus your energy and connect it to a higher power, allowing you to achieve higher control and connect with the universe. It is thought to help in envisioning future prospects and to give personal strength to control one's own destiny. This stone promotes vitality, commitment and endurance. Psychologically, onyx is thought to help identify and integrate the dualities within oneself. Onyx is like a mental stimulant that helps relieve overwhelming fears and worries. Onyx is a mysterious stone that helps you maintain your own wisdom.

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