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Higher Love Amethyst Rosehip Oil Bottle - Ishtar

Higher Love Amethyst Rosehip Oil Bottle - Ishtar

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Higher Love Amethyst Rosehip Oil Bottle - Ishtar

Contents of the package:

  • 1 bottle of cold pressed oil, Rosa Mosqueta, 100ml
  • 1 roll-on bottle with amethysts

Fill the roll-on bottle with oil and top up whenever necessary. The unique blend of amethysts and rose oil offers you the energy of higher love and beauty in one bottle. You can of course also use rosehip oil as it is.

Our luxurious rosehip oil (Rosa Mosqueta) comes from Chile and is produced using the cold-pressed method, 100% natural. Rosa Mosqueta, Rosa Moschata or more commonly Musk Rose has been cultivated for a long time.

Ishtar, Queen of Heaven, was the most important goddess of Mesopotamia throughout the history of the Land of the Twin Streams. In the Egyptian and Assyrian regions, Ishtar was considered the goddess of war and battle, but above all she was the goddess of femininity, beauty, love and fertility. She was also the goddess of Venus, rain and thunderstorms. Ishtar, along with the sun god Shamash and the moon god Sin, was one of the trinity of star gods. Ishtar's symbols were a lion and a star drawn inside a circle with 6, 8 or 16 points. Because of her strong sexuality, Ishtar has been considered especially the protector of prostitutes.

Symbol meanings

  • The rose and rosehip oil have several symbolic meanings in different cultural traditions. It represents feminine energy and its planet is Venus. The rose is associated with the element of water and several deities are associated with it, such as the Egyptian Hathor, who was the goddess of love, beauty, music, dance, joy, fertility and motherhood. Eros, Cupid, Demeter, Isis, Adonis, Harpocrates and Aurora, the goddess of dawn, are also associated with the rose.

    The rose has been seen to have many symbolic powers related to love, spiritual powers, healing, luck and protection. It has long been used in various favorite drinks due to its strong emotional connection.

    The rose has had many magical uses. The rosary (thorns removed) was a powerful aid in performing love spells. A single rose in a vase on the altar was an effective aid in love magic. Rose berries were strung and used as pearls to attract love. Tea made from rosehips, drunk before going to bed, brought presleep. To figure out their love life, the women took three green rose petals. Then they gave each leaf one of their lovers' names. The paper that remained green the longest answered the question "Who is the real one?". Rose petals and berries were also used in healing magic and good luck concoctions. The rose is also traditionally associated with symbols of rebirth and new beginnings. Rosehip oil can represent the opportunity to start a new chapter in life.
  • Amethyst is considered an extremely powerful and protective stone and is thought to have a high spiritual vibrational frequency. It transforms negative energies into love. Its calm nature helps to reach higher levels of consciousness. When meditating, it takes thoughts from everyday things to peace, harmony, deeper understanding and opens the way to other dimensions. It is one of the most spiritual stones. Amethyst is the crown chakra stone.

Ritual use

Here is an example ritual or meditation session using rosehip oil containing amethysts to symbolize their energy on a soul level:

Necessary things:

  • roll-on bottle filled with rosehip oil
  • calm and undisturbed space
  • mirror
  • silence and calm mind
  • self-created affirmation

Ritual steps:

  • preparation: find a quiet and pleasant place to perform the ritual. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment available. If you want, you can light a candle to create the right atmosphere.
  • amethyst energy: sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths to calm down. Take the bottle of oil in your hand and examine it. Imagine how the protective and spiritually enhancing energy of amethysts glows from the oil.
  • mirror: position the mirror so that you can see yourself in it. This will help you focus the ritual on your own soul and introspection.
  • oil for the body: open the oil bottle. Apply the oil gently to your skin, especially in places where you want to symbolize the energy of amethysts and rosehip oil. For example, you can apply oil to your chest in the heart area, your forehead (third eye), and the crown chakra area on your head.
  • visualization: close your eyes and focus on how the symbolic energy of amethysts and rosehip oil flows into your skin and is absorbed into your body. Imagine how this energy fills you.
  • Affirmation: repeat an affirmation you create in your mind or out loud, such as: "This oil symbolizes the spiritual power of amethysts and the loving power of rosehip oil. They fill my soul with peaceful loving energy."
  • Gratitude: thank amethysts, rosehip oil, yourself and higher powers if you wish for this moment and the opportunity to connect with these energies.
  • decision: when you feel calm and connected to your soul you can stop the ritual. Extinguish the candle, if you lit it, and open your eyes.
  • Keep this feeling with you during the day's chores

You can repeat the ritual whenever necessary and feel how it affects you on a spiritual level.

Product description


  • 1 bottle of cold pressed oil, Rosa Mosqueta, 100ml
  • 1 roller bottle with amethysts

Use the oil within 6 months of opening.

Note! For ritual use. The product is free of additives and preservatives. Store at room temperature and protected from light. For external use only. Do not use the product if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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