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Milk container - Gorfa

Milk container - Gorfa

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Milk container - Gorfa

Borana people, Ethiopia, Africa, 20th century.

A single piece. Size approx. 225mm x 140mm.

A very beautiful, special hand-woven milk container, gorfa, is made of plant fiber and gourd. The lower part is carefully covered with animal skin. Plant resin has been rubbed into the braided parts of the dish and they are decorated with metal thread stitches. The Boranas (also called Borana Oromos or Boran), Gabbras and Sakuys are smaller, independent ethnic groups belonging to the Oromo people. The Borana people live mainly in Oromia State, Borena Region, Ethiopia and Northern Kenya. The name "Borana" refers to the people in question and the language they use (Afaan Borana is one of the dialects of the Kušian branch of the language), but the word also means "friend" or "friendly person".

Symbol meaning

Milk containers are perhaps the most visible and important objects in a culture that focuses on livestock. The symbolic meaning of the vessel is seen in the method of its manufacture, in Borana society weaving is strongly associated with fertility and femininity.

Note! The attached dish is an old antique piece, so age-appropriate wear, small surface defects and traces of use occur. Beautiful patina.

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