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Goethite - Developer of Self-awareness

Goethite - Developer of Self-awareness

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Goethite - Developer of Self-awareness

A single piece. Size approx 69mm x 44mm x 43mm. Weight about 192g.

This unique goethite has a kidney-like surface texture. Goethite is an iron hydroxy mineral and is only formed near water. Goethite is named after the German poet and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The color of goethite is usually blackish brown or, in large variations, reddish or yellowish brown. It has crystallized at low temperatures in the crevices and cavities of the bedrock. The crystal structure of goethite is rhombic. It has many forms of appearance, i.e. it occurs as prism-like crystals, thin plates, needle-like or fibrous prisms in cavities, bundles of fibers or bubble-like clusters. Like hematite, goethites from Finnish Lapland have been used as jewelry stones and as collection specimens.

Symbol meaning

Goethite is a wonderful, heavy mineral that is believed to resonate very strongly and is said to be particularly helpful in developing self-awareness. The earthy energy of the mineral has been considered to help break traditional, rigid thinking patterns, perceive things in a new way, and find balance in difficult life situations and thus develop a personal view of life and its course. Goethite is said to be the perfect choice for those who feel stuck, lost or depressed.

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