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Midwest oak berries, 5 pcs

Midwest oak berries, 5 pcs

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Midwestern oak acorns, approx. 10mm, set of 5

Central Western Oak ( Quercus ellipsoidalis ) berries. Sold as a set (5 pieces)

Symbol meaning

The symbolic value of acorns has been very significant throughout the ages. Ancient Druids ate acorns, believing them to have prophetic properties. Historians believe that the word "druid" was originally pronounced dru-vid or dru-vind, meaning seer or "knower of the oak". According to one theory , the word "druid" comes from an old Celtic word that literally meant acorn. Druids were members of a priestly class that, according to Roman texts, appeared in the British Isles and Gaul among Celtic populations about 2,000 years ago. In Celtic and Scandinavian cultures, the acorn has symbolized immortality, strength, fertility, youth and life itself. The tree of life of perhaps the most powerful god in Scandinavian mythology, Thor, is said to have been an oak tree. In Greek mythology, the oak was considered a sacred tree and was associated with Zeus, the supreme god. Acorns were the seed of divinity and the beginning of new life. Acorns have also played a significant role in traditional witchcraft and magic in general. According to an old English story, Celtic witches exchanged acorns when they met each other in the woods. Acorns were used to communicate a safe and reliable company.

Ritual use

When a thunderstorm breaks out, the ancient Scandinavian peoples used to put one acorn on the windowsill. This gesture was intended to honor Thor, the god of thunder and lightning, and to ask him for protection. Acorns have been used as an amulet or talisman for protection, to bring good luck, wisdom and strength. Carrying them around is believed to protect the wearer from pain and illness. According to another belief, attaching an acorn to a necklace has slowed down a woman's aging. For the sick, it has been common to put an acorn under the pillow in the sick bed. It has been considered to relieve pain and speed up recovery.

It is recommended to buy the amount that best suits your desired purpose. Below are the meanings of numbers 1-10 according to the Pythagorean number symbolism:

  1. (Monad) the beginning of all that exists. Symbolizes unity, inspiration and beginnings.
  2. (Dyad) symbolizes opposites, dualism, the world of matter and choices.
  3. (Triad) is the uniting element of opposites and the number of spiritual development and growth. Represents growth and trinity.
  4. (Tetrad) the organized form of the atmospheric world. Symbolizes stability, order and structure.
  5. (Pentad) describes the process of human perfection. Also depicts change and instability.
  6. (Hexadi) number of wisdom and intelligence. Symbolizes problem solving, adapting activities to match goals and communication.
  7. (Heptad) the number of development which combines the number 3 of growth and the number 4 of concrete manifestation. The number of reflection, evaluation and spirituality / spirituality.
  8. (Ogdoadi) number of action, movement and achievement. Symbolizes action on a sure footing.
  9. (Ennead) is the number of inner growth and creativity. Symbolizes powerful and unrestricted expression, as well as the approach of graduation.
  10. (Decade) symbolizes completion, the end of a cycle and renewal. Unlimited, eternal continuation.
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