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Astrological transits in the birth chart, written interpretation

Astrological transits in the birth chart, written interpretation

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Astrological transits in the birth chart

A written analysis of your birth chart transits and their impact on your life.

Astrological transits in the birth chart (also called the natal chart) provide insight into the cosmic currents affecting your life at this time. They help to understand how the movements of the planets right now coincide with your astrological birth chart and thus affect your personal everyday life.

What do astrological transits mean?

The astrological birth chart tells you the positions of the celestial bodies at the time of your birth. The birth chart is thus thought to give a picture of the astrological settings that affect your life at birth. Transits, on the other hand, are interpretations of the current positions of the planets in relation to the same celestial bodies in your birth chart. Transits reveal periods that can bring favorable changes, challenges or unique opportunities.

Service content:

  • An overview of significant transits and their effects on the key elements of the birth chart.
  • Advice on how to best utilize transits and the information they provide in your own life.
  • Astrological transits are interpreted by Minna Kirsi (member of the Finnish Association of Professional Astrologers)
  • The written interpretation is about one A4 size.

What happens after purchase:

  1. You will receive an e-mail : Within a day of purchase, you will receive an e-mail to open a conversation with the interpreter.
  2. Date of birth : In order to provide an accurate transit overview, an exact date of birth (date and time) and place of birth are required. This information is used to determine your birth chart and it also allows us to understand how current planetary movements affect your birth chart.
  3. Making the interpretation : the transit interpretation is typically done within the next 4-7 days and delivered to you by email.
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