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Hessoniitti - itsetunnon kivi

Hessoniitti - itsetunnon kivi

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Hessonite - itsetunnon kivi

Sri Lanka

Sold as a set. Size from 7mm to 1mm.

A wonderful set of small clear garnets (hessonite). Grossular is a group of minerals belonging to the silicate minerals that belong to garnets. It got its name from the gooseberry (Ribes grossularium), because its often greenish color and texture resemble that berry. Grossulars can be colorless, brown, red, orange, yellow, white, or green. Brown grossular is called cinnamon garnet. Rosolite is the pink form of grossular. The dark green is called tsavorite and hessonite is the red-brown form of grossular. Hessonite's attractive burnt orange color resembles zircon. Several gemstones that used to be considered zircons were indeed hessonite.

Symbol meaning

Hessonite symbolizes passion, courage, confidence and transformation. It is said to increase the confidence of its user. Hessonite is believed to increase courage and clarify thoughts. The golden yellow color of hessonite is associated with the warmth and all-pervading power of the sun's rays. In Hindu mythology, hessonite is associated with the mystical planet, Rahu, and the stone is believed to protect against negative energies and evil influences.

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