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Scoria - Energy path opener

Scoria - Energy path opener

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Scoria - Energy path opener


Sold as a set. Size between about 72mm and 25mm. Total weight approx. 356g.

The collection includes four pieces of scoria of different sizes. Scoria, i.e. volcanic slag, is a dark igneous rock whose color varies from black and dark gray to reddish brown. Slag is produced in volcanic eruptions and is pyroclastic material formed from rhyolitic magma from more alkaline magma. Compared to pumice, volcanic slag is heavier and has fewer blisters. The name scoria comes from the Greek word "skouria", (σκουριά) rust.

Symbol meaning

Scoria has been said to symbolize inner strength, courage and protection. Scoria has been used to balance the chakras and is considered to help ground energy and remove negative vibrations from the surrounding environment. Scoria's cleansing properties are believed to help open new energy pathways in the body, which in turn is thought to enable the development of life force and inner creativity. The mineral is said to increase mental clarity and improve concentration, making it an excellent aid for those suffering from anxiety or depression.  

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