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Smoky Quartz - "elestial", a stone of gentle energy

Smoky Quartz - "elestial", a stone of gentle energy

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Elestial - smoky quartz, a stone of gentle energy 


Size:  40mm x 40mm 


Smoky quartz is a very beautiful quartz mineral and got its name from its smoky gray or brown color. Smoky quartz is chemically composed of silicon oxide and its crystal structure is similar to ordinary quartz. Smoky quartz is very hard and therefore a common stone in jewelry. Smoky quartz is also common in spiritual use. Elestial crystal is a special form of quartz crystal known for its complex and layered structure. These crystals are often roughly shaped and can have many faces and tips.




Symbol meaning



Smoky quartz often associated with grounding energy. It is one of the most effective grounding stones while still raising vibrations during meditation. Smoky quartz acts as a transition aid between the alpha and beta states of the mind, while helping to clarify thoughts for meditation. It is also said to help relieve stress and anxiety. Smoky quartz symbolizes clarity and strength, and many believe it acts as a protector, helping to ward off negative energies and purify the environment. It helps to endure difficult times in a balanced way, strengthening decision-making. Smoky Quartz helps to accept the physical body and its sexual nature, strengthening the libido and clearing the root chakra so that passion can flow naturally.



Elestial crystals are believed to have powerful metaphysical properties such as high vibration and deep spiritual wisdom. They are popular as tools for meditation and spiritual growth. Elestial crystals are thought to have a gentle flowing energy that is thought to remove blockages and fear. It balances the polarities and opens the way for the necessary change. Elestial crystal is considered a very comforting stone. It helps to overcome emotional burdens and unite with the eternal Self. This crystal is thought to be able to take you to past lives to understand your own karma or deep into yourself to give insight into ongoing spiritual processes.



Ritual use:

You can use smoky quartz elestial crystal on your altar, in crystal grids, as a meditation tool or as a portable amulet. Below is an example ritual using the elestial crystal.

Ritual for Power and Clarity Using Smoky Quartz Elestial Crystal:


  • One elestial shaped smoky quartz crystal
  • Incense or sound bowl
  • White candle (symbolizes purity and light)
  • Black candle (symbolizes earth's energy and protection)
  • Paper and pen

Ritual steps:

  • Preparation : Choose a quiet and undisturbed place to perform the ritual. Place the smoky quartz crystal on the altar or table. 
  • Cleansing : Cleanse yourself and your surroundings with incense or a sound bowl. 
  • Lighting candles : Light a white candle as a symbol of purification and light. Light a black candle as a symbol of earth's energy and protection. 
  • Setting an intention : Sit comfortably and hold a smoky quartz crystal in your hands. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Set a clear intention or goal to gain strength and clarity (for example, strengthening self-esteem or clarifying goals).
  • Visualization : Visualize vividly and unhurriedly in your mind the powerful black earth energy around you, protecting and strengthening you. Imagine a smoky quartz crystal radiating a strong smoky gray light that fills the space around you and brings you clarity and courage.
  • Writing : Take paper and a pen. Write down concrete things you want to achieve in your pursuit of strength and clarity. You can also write yourself encouraging and motivating messages.
  • Charging the Elestial Crystal : Place a smoky quartz crystal next to a black candle and allow it to charge with the power of earth energy and protection. Leave the crystal on your altar or other prominent place to remind you of your aspirations. 
  • Thank you and ending : Thank the candles, the crystal and all the forces and energy that were involved. Blow out the candles.
  • Repetition : You can repeat this ritual regularly to maintain strength and clarity in your life.

This ritual combines the earthy energy of smoky quartz with the multi-layered form of elestial crystal in pursuit of strength and clarity. Remember to adapt the ritual to suit your own needs and listen to your own intuition.

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