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Menalite - Stone of Sacred Femininity

Menalite - Stone of Sacred Femininity

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Menalite is a spectacular mineral consisting mainly of calcium carbonate, sand and clay. Menalites have been especially formed in the sediments of glacial lakes of the early Pleistocene period. The peculiar, smooth and round irregular shapes of the mineral have been created over thousands of years. The colors of menalites always vary from natural white to light brown and soft gray.

Symbol meaning

Menalite is also called "The Goddess Stone". It is one of the most powerful feminine energy stones in existence. It is difficult to exaggerate the effect of the symbolic energy of Menalite, so much does it by its essence reflect the elements of maternal care, female reproductive powers and sacred femininity, adapting to the cycle of a woman's life from a young woman bursting into fertility to full motherhood and finally to the role of an old wise woman who gives birth to things with her soul and finally to giving up this body. Menalite symbolizes strength and courage to face all the changes in a woman's shape, helping to always adapt to the new phase ahead. Even to the last stage to death, assuring us for sure that we will get through that too.

Spiritually, menalite is described as helping a person to remember his own soul, which was manifested in this bodily form. As a shamanistic stone, it has been used throughout the ages when traveling to other dimensions and worlds for ritual purposes. It is said to strengthen the connection with one's power animal or ancient goddess of fertility. It takes mother earth to the womb to heal, heal and reconnect with the primal roots.

The symbolic meaning of Menalite is particularly useful for issues related to fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause and puberty.

Ritual use

These menalites are meant to be placed on the altar. The stone can also be carried around like an amulet or placed under a pillow for subconscious work during sleep. The stone is especially useful as a meditation tool placed on the altar.

Note! All menalites for sale are molded by mother nature herself and are sold as individual pieces. The order is specifically for the stone shown in the picture.

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