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Magnesite - Stone of the Third Eye

Magnesite - Stone of the Third Eye

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Magnesite, single piece

Magnesite, the magnesium ore mineral, is similar to calcite and dolomite, but is the hardest of the carbonate minerals. Magnesite occurs in metamorphic magnesium-rich rocks. Size approx 61mm x 60mm x 30mm. Weight approx. 176g.

Symbol meaning

Magnesite symbolizes emotional balance, imagination and psychic freedom. Its white color is associated with hope, purity and peace. Magnesite is considered to activate psychic powers and increase the ability to receive and understand information from higher sources. It is believed to be one of the most effective minerals for activating the third eye. Magnesite is seen to make it easier to set an intention and stick to it.

Ritual use

Magnesite is intended to be placed on the altar. The mineral can also be carried around like an amulet or placed under a pillow to work on the subconscious during sleep. The stone is especially useful as a meditation tool placed on the altar.

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