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Bronze amulet - Forest kaffir buffalo

Bronze amulet - Forest kaffir buffalo

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Bronze amulet - Forest kaffir buffalo

Bronze alloy, Bamileke people, Cameroon, 1900s, Size approx. 70mm x 34mm x 11mm.

Symbol meaning

The forest caffer buffalo (Syncerus caffer nanus) symbolizes cunning, courage and exceptional physical strength for the people of Cameroon. The hunters of the Bamileke people used to present the heads of the buffaloes they hunted to their king. Cleaned skulls were hung above doorways and prized drinking horns were made from animal horns.

Approximately 300 separate ethnic groups live in Cameroon. Each of the country's ten regions is dominated by certain ethnic or religious groups. On the green grassy plains of the highlands live a group of loosely related peoples. The largest of the peoples, such as the Bamum, Tikari and Bamilek make up almost 40 percent of the entire population. The Bamileks believe in one creator or deity (called Si). In addition to this, the Bamileke, along with other peoples of the grass plains, practice the worship of ancestor spirits and they believe that the spirits are embodied in the skulls of deceased ancestors. The spirits are appeased with various ceremonies and rituals. Since the human skull, like the head in general, symbolizes important spirits, it is often depicted on masks as well as other decorative objects.

Wax casting (cire perdue in French) or "disappearing wax" is a mold manufacturing method. In it, wax is molded into the model of an amulet or a desired object. A fireproof mold is made from clay around this. The wax model is removed by melting or burning. The empty space created in the mold is filled with bronze. The mold is broken and a completely unique piece is obtained.

Note! Skillfully cast from bronze, the amulets are handmade and have been used diligently, j so each of them is its own unique individual. Because of this, colors and shapes may vary. Amulets may be dusty, patinated and may have small surface defects. Trust that the song you intuitively selected resonates best with your personal purpose.

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