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A woman's breast, carnelian - a single piece

A woman's breast, carnelian - a single piece

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Female bust, carnelian, a single piece

Size: app. 70mm * 50mm

Carnelian is a brown-red mineral commonly used as a semi-precious stone. Carnelian has been known to be used as a pearl already in the early Neolithic period in the area of ​​present-day Bulgaria. Carnelian worked into jewelry was also found in Bronze Age Minoan layers in the city of Knossos in Crete, and it dates back to around 1800 BC. at the time. During the ancient Roman period, carnelian was widely used to make engraved gemstones and as part of seals or signet rings.

This rare and unique piece of carnelian is shaped by nature and resembles a woman's breast.

The symbolic meaning of the breast

In many old cultures, a woman's breast has been considered sacred. The priestesses of the Minoan culture had a sanctification ritual where they anointed their breasts with saffron oil. The breast has also been seen as a symbol of fertility and life and it represents the caring maternal energy of femininity. Breasts are our first and most fundamental source of emotional security and nutritious food. The breast embodies love, compassion and healing power. Physiologically, the breasts are located on the same line as the heart. In Greek and Minoan myths, the Milky Way was formed when the milk of the goddess Hera, or the Great Mother, gushed into the sky in response to her baby's hungry cry.

Breasts are also associated with strong sexual meanings. For example, in the traditions of tantric sex, breasts and nipples are thought of as energy centers. Caressing the breasts can create ecstatic energy, which can also be targeted for different purposes.

The symbolic meaning of carnelian

Carnelian is full of life force and vitality. It is symbolically thought to strengthen a woman's fertility and cure frigidity and impotence. Carnelian is strongly regarded as a stone that restores vitality and motivation and is thought to increase creativity. In addition, it is said to be beneficial in dramatic and powerful endeavors and to motivate success. Carnelian is also thought to help overcome all kinds of abuse experiences. This stone helps you to trust yourself.

Ritual use

The stone can be used on an altar, as a portable amulet, as part of a crystal grid and as a meditation guide.

Note! Crystals are natural products, so each stone is unique and their colors, shapes and brightness vary. Light brings out their natural beauty best. Trust that the stones selected by intuition for you resonate best with your personal purpose.

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