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Lemuria quartz sphere for lightworkers

Lemuria quartz sphere for lightworkers

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Lemuria quartz sphere for lightworkers

Diameter approx. 50mm

Quartz is one of the most common minerals in the earth's crust and it occurs either mixed with other minerals or as pure quartz. Quartz often appears crystalline, clear or transparent and is very hard.

Symbol meaning:

The Lemurian crystal, also known as the Lemurian Seed crystal, has a very fascinating story of its origin. The name refers to Lemuria, a lost land that was located in either the Pacific Ocean or the Indian Ocean and preceded Atlantis. The Lemurians worked with crystals and loved the earth deeply. They were thought to have been gentle, innocent and very spiritual, and it is believed that these qualities are embodied in the Lemurian crystals. Lemurian crystals are thought to be able to help people restore these traits.

Before disappearing, the people of Lemuria met with some kind of calamity. According to the story, crystals containing Lemurian information were planted in the ground, which is why they are also called Lemurian Seed crystals. They are believed to have left us the tremendously powerful Lemurian crystals as tools, which according to the story are meant to be used especially in this time we are living in now, because the Lemurians were believed to know what was coming in these years of change towards a new time.

Lemuria crystals are considered the perfect tool for lightworkers. They remind lightworkers to take care of their own development in these times, and to facilitate the development of others as well. Lemurian crystals teach that we are multidimensional beings and are believed to provide objective insight into past lives. Crystals are thought to penetrate the illusion of separateness in physical incarnation, and remind us that true healing is remembering the Spiritual Self. They tell that time is also an illusion of physical incarnation, showing how to move beyond the boundaries of time to "What Is".

Lemurian crystal is considered ideal for angelic contact. Crystals are believed to open a stargate and anchor ancient wisdom into the present. Use Lemuria crystal with smoky quartz elestial crystals to anchor high vibrational energy and activate the cosmic anchor for the light body. Also suitable for use in conjunction with regression therapy.

This Lemurian crystal sphere combines the symbolic meanings of both the sphere and the Lemurian crystal in a great way.

The symbolism of the ball shape

The shape of the sphere has many symbolic meanings in different cultures and contexts. In general, the sphere symbolizes wholeness, perfection and harmony. Its round shape suggests continuity, eternal movement and cyclicality, making it a symbol of timelessness and eternity. The sphere also represents unity and balance, as each point is equidistant from the center.

In many cultures and philosophical traditions, the sphere has been used to symbolize the soul or spirit. The sphere can be seen to reflect the sacred and limitless nature of the soul. Its symmetrical shape reflects the eternal existence of the soul.

The spherical shape of the crystals is also believed to radiate energy evenly in all directions. This form is thought to act as a time-opening window into the past or future, moving energy through time and offering a glimpse of what is to come or what has been. Looking into the crystal ball has long been one way to utilize this symbolism and to seek contact with higher dimensions or to get intuitive information about the past or the future.

Ritual use:

The Lemuria quartz sphere can be used on an altar, as a portable amulet, as a meditation aid or as part of a crystal grid, for example. Below is an example of a ritual where one of the central elements is a Lemurian quartz sphere.

A simple example ritual for lightworkers :


  1. Spherical Lemurian Quartz
  2. Candle and matches
  3. A calm, undisturbed space

Ritual steps:

  • Preparation : Choose a quiet space where you can focus on the ritual without distractions. Light the candle and place it on the ritual tray or table.
  • Grounding : Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths in and out. Focus on your breathing and feel how your body becomes calmer and more grounded.
  • Lemurian crystal : Take the sphere-shaped Lemurian quartz in your hand and observe its beauty and energy vibration. Close your eyes and tune into its energy.
  • Connecting : Hold the Lemurian crystal in your hands and imagine its energy flowing through your body. Imagine that you are connected to the ancient wisdom and light of Lemuria.
  • Set an intention : Ask the Lemurian crystal for guidance, wisdom and strength in your light work. Set a clear intention about what you want to achieve or how you want to use the light to serve others or yourself.
  • Thank you : Thank the Lemuria crystal for its presence and assistance during the ritual. Feel grateful for your connection to the wisdom and light of Lemuria.
  • Closing : When you are finished, close the ritual by thanking the Lemuria crystal one more time and then extinguish the candle. You can continue your day or meditate for a while with the energy of the Lemuria crystal and write down the thoughts that come to mind.

This ritual helps lightworkers to strengthen their connection to the wisdom and light of Lemuria and to receive guidance, wisdom and strength in their work.

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