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Bronze statue - Horseman

Bronze statue - Horseman

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Bronze statue - Horseman, single piece

Bronze alloy, Dogon people, Mali/Burkina Faso, West Africa, 20th century. Size approx. 85mm x 25mm x 75mm.

Symbol meaning

Skillfully cast from bronze alloy, forged from iron or sometimes carved from wood, equestrian statues have symbolized prestige, power and status to the Dogon ever since the horse was brought to West Africa more than a thousand years ago. In Dogon society, the horse has been considered a privilege reserved only for wealthy and influential persons. The horse often appears in the Dogon creation myth, and the horseman is considered a symbol of the mythical ancestor, the seventh Nommo. The Dogon believe that Nommo was the first living being created by the sky god Amma. The seventh Nommo was considered to have been the blacksmith who brought the first ancestors, animals, tools and grain to earth. Nommo was considered to have landed on earth on the back of a horse, so the first animal that stepped onto the earth's surface was a horse.

Wax casting (cire perdue in French) or "disappearing wax" is a mold manufacturing method. In it, wax is molded into the model of an amulet or a desired object. A fireproof mold is made from clay around this. The wax model is removed by melting or burning. The empty space created in the mold is filled with bronze. The mold is broken and a completely unique piece is obtained.

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