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Silver watch - Angel callers

Silver watch - Angel callers

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Silver Bell - Angel callers 

Material: 925 silver, brass
The diameter of the silver pendant is 16 mm

Angel callers are handmade jewelry pieces containing a chime ball inside. They have been used for centuries in various cultures and religions as symbols of protection, harmony, and spiritual connection.

These silver bells are handcrafted in the magical Ubud region of Bali, reflecting the island's deep spiritual essence. They are meticulously created and blessed with grace and love, and are expertly made from Balinese 925 silver.

The gentle sound of the small bell accompanies its wearer, reminding them of the possible presence of angels. With good fortune and an open heart, the bell is also hoped to attract the attention of celestial beings. You can name the bell, giving it your own meaning and purpose.



The history of angel callers traces back to the ancient Maya civilization in Mexico, where they were used as a means to communicate with the spiritual world. The Maya believed that the chiming of the ball inside the bell could call for guidance and protection from ancestors and gods. The practice of using angel callers spread to other cultures, including the Balinese and Javanese in Indonesia, who believed that the chime of the bell could ward off evil spirits and bring peace and harmony to the wearer. Pregnant women often wore angel callers to protect their unborn babies.

In the 1600s, Spanish missionaries brought angel callers to Europe, where they symbolized motherhood and protection during pregnancy. It was believed that the gentle sound of the bell would calm the unborn baby and bring good fortune to the mother.

Angel callers are associated with various symbols and meanings across different cultures and religions. In many cultures, the chime of the bell is believed to summon the guidance and protection of angels, spirits, or deities. It is also considered a symbol of peace, harmony, and spiritual connection.

Additionally, some people use angel callers to maintain a connection to their spirituality and inner peace. The chiming of the ball inside the bell can serve as a calming and grounding presence during meditation or stressful moments.


Ritual use

Certain rituals and practices involving angel callers can be found in various cultures and spiritual traditions. Here are a few examples:

  1. Rituals for Pregnant Women: Pregnant women may use angel callers in rituals to protect the unborn child and promote the well-being of both mother and baby. This can include prayers and meditations where the sound of the angel caller acts as a soothing element.
  2. Meditation and Prayer Rituals: Angel callers can be used in meditation and prayer practices. The chime of the bell can help create a peaceful and focused atmosphere, bringing spiritual presence and harmony.
  3. Remembrance Rituals: An angel caller can be used to honor and remember loved ones who have passed away. This can include moments of silence where the sound of the bell invites remembrance and reverence.
  4. Transition Rituals: Angel callers can be used in transition rituals, such as weddings or other ceremonial events, symbolizing protection, harmony, and good fortune for the new phase of life.

These are just some examples of rituals where angel callers can be used. Their usage can vary depending on cultural context and personal beliefs.

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