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Ametrine Pendant - Connecting Crystal

Ametrine Pendant - Connecting Crystal

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Ametrine Pendant - Connecting Crystal

About 25mm in size.

Ametrine is a natural crystal belonging to the quartz family. Ametrine combines amethyst and citrine.


Symbol meaning 

Ametrine combines the healing and spiritual properties of amethyst and citrine, making it a powerful and versatile crystal. This ametrine pendant works quickly and effectively, connecting the physical world to higher consciousness. It is believed to help and protect during astral travel and relieve stress and tension, calming the mind and bringing deeper focus to meditation.

Ametrine opens the third eye, promoting healing and divination. It unites masculine and feminine energies, improving compatibility. As an extremely energetic stone, ametrine stimulates creativity and supports the control of one's life, taking intelligence beyond everyday reality and linking it to higher consciousness.

Emotionally, ametrine is believed to release blockages, including negative emotional locks and beliefs, facilitating change and bringing insights into the underlying causes of emotional wounds.



Wear the pendant directly on the skin for a long time to achieve the effect. Ametrine pendant can also be placed in the solar plexus area.

Experience a new level of mental and physical well-being with the ametrine pendant, which combines healing energy and calming effect in one beautiful crystal.

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