Semiphoras services provide a profound and mythical dimension to your journey toward discovering your true self, understanding life's purpose, and realizing your full potential. We offer guidance based on rituals, symbolism, creativity, and spiritual growth. Our instructors possess extensive experience and respect every individual's perspective and background.

Together, we can delve deeply into your inner world, find inner peace and balance, acquire new skills, and illuminate life's profound questions. Join us on a transformative journey that has the potential to change everything.


Embark on the Path of Spiritual Growth with Semiphoras Personal Guidance. We provide a safe and confidential environment for you to explore yourself, delve into profound questions, and uncover answers. Existential reflections, the meaning of life, shadow work, deepening your spiritual journey, or any other themes important to you are all possible avenues. This intensive process will help you identify, accept, and integrate emotions, thoughts, and experiences that impact your life.

Personal ritual guidance: Deepening your goal work with a psychotherapist
Welcome to Personal ritual guidance, where we create a custom ritual together to work on your goals or challenges. This ritual is designed to be a powerful personal tool that empowers you to make independent progress toward your objectives.

Rituals have traditionally been potent ways to effect change and enhance self-awareness. Together with our psychotherapist, you will build a unique ritual tailored to your specific situation. The purpose of this ritual is to serve as a potent instrument that helps you stay committed to your goals amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. It also helps you maintain a connection with your inner self, a connection that is key to lasting transformation and growth.

During the guidance, we will employ psychotherapeutic methods, discussions, and self-exploration to help you identify the core aspects of your goals or challenges. Subsequently, we will proceed to design the ritual together. The ritual may encompass various elements, such as meditation, visualization, symbolic actions, or writing, all of which will aid you in working on your goals deeply and meaningfully.

The Power of symbols: Self-discovery in personal guidance
Welcome to Personal Guidance with the Power of symbols, where we work on your goals or challenges through symbol work. Symbols offer a potent means to delve deeper into ourselves and the challenges life presents, providing a unique way to find answers to our questions.

Symbol work may include various methods, such as dream analysis, tarot card, or exploring your astrological birth chart to work on your goals or challenges. These symbolic approaches can help you gain a deeper understanding of your aspirations and provide tools for your journey toward resolution.

During our sessions, we will discuss your goals and determine the best ways to utilize symbol work. The aim of symbol work is to provide you with fresh insights, clarify your thoughts and feelings, and support you in achieving your objectives. It can also help you uncover hidden strengths and open up new paths toward a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Deep self-exploration: Psychoanalytic guidance on spiritual and existential questions
Welcome to personal guidance with a psychoanalytic perspective on spiritual and existential questions. In this guidance, we explore the depths of your mind and fundamental questions about life, offering you the opportunity to deepen your self-understanding and personal growth.

Psychoanalytic therapy focuses on the unconscious processes and deep emotions of the mind. We combine this approach with spiritual and existential questions, including those related to the purpose and meaning of existence. Our goal is to help you dive deeper into your consciousness and understand how the past, emotions, and thoughts influence your present.

Throughout our sessions, we employ psychoanalytic techniques such as free association, dream interpretation, and deepening self-understanding. Simultaneously, we address spiritual and existential questions, whether they concern the meaning of life, the feeling of freedom, or the search for purpose.

  • You can choose the approach that resonates best with you
  • The opportunity for in-person and remote sessions
  • Your guide, Minna Kirsi, psychoanalytic psychotherapist
  • Duration of each session: 45 minutes
  • Price: €100 (including VAT at 24%)

Take a bold step forward on your spiritual growth journey and schedule a personal guidance session. Whether your needs are significant or small, we are here to support you on your path to your true self and insights, helping you discover your authentic essence.

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The Semiphoras online courses introduce you to the Semiphoras three-step model of transformation, which utilizes rituals and symbols in cooperation with the forces of the subconscious. The courses follow the three stages of development and change of Semiphoras: Purifico, Dedico and Ascendo.

  • The PURIFICO episode teaches the meaning of purification rituals and their power. Learn to leave behind the old, unnecessary and development-blocking things in your life using rituals. It is necessary to enable new growth and change.

  • The DEDICO episode delves into altar work using symbols. The course teaches how to create a personal altar, sacred space and how it supports and strengthens spiritual growth. The course introduces the use of symbols, the symbolic language of the subconscious, the process of giving meaning, altar rituals and altar work.

  • The ASCENDO episode deals with the rituals associated with moving to a new level of development. In these initiation and anointing rituals, oil plays a central role. In our course, you will learn the deep meaning of consecration and initiation and the rituals that symbolize your personal growth and maturity. Combine the traditions and symbolism of initiation with the precious moments of your life.

Our course offering is currently being built . Leave us your email and we will inform you as soon as the courses are available.

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Semiphoras offers a seasonally changing selection of different workshops and ritual evenings that stimulate the imagination and deepen self-knowledge.

Invite yourself to the beyond for a moment, where symbols and rituals reflect your deepest being. Step from darkness to light and from light to darkness, in ritual evenings that open to the subconscious. Feel the energies, release obstacles and connect with the world around you more richly than ever before. This is your opportunity to step beyond the boundary and experience the deep currents of spiritual growth and transformation. In the ritual evenings, you step into the unknown for a moment, where you encounter the archetypal mysteries of ancient rituals and symbols. Our instructors open up paths for you that you may not have even known existed.

We offer a wide range of workshops on different topics, and there are also visiting instructors who bring their own special expertise. The experienced instructors of our workshops offer you the opportunity to open the doors to the world of creativity and hidden powers. This is not just a workshop - it is a unique invitation to know yourself more deeply and grow. Whether you're just at the beginning of your journey or already advanced, the workshops will lead you to new, deeper levels and new skills.

Welcome. We look forward to having you on this journey with us.

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